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Meet our Birth Like a Boss expert midwives, with over 35+ years experience between them they bring you the most up to date and exclusive Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting information. With years of experience working for the NHS and private sector in the UK, setting up and running a company which employed over 100 midwives, and cared for over 20,000 families -   these two amazing midwives put everything they have learnt, know and shared all in one place for you to access...

I'm Katie – midwife extraordinaire! You will find me giving you the courage and confidence to Birth Like a Boss

When I’m not creating amazing content for the Pregnancy Club, I love nothing more than being with my other big passion in life - my animal friends. 

I am really passionate about the human mind and how we create our own reality, so I look forward to sharing my knowledge and tips with you about creating a positive mindset and bossing your life as well as your pregnancy, birth and parenting roles.

I am also a qualified Life Coach, and Parenting with EFT Tapping & Mindfulness Practitioner, so together we can work on your own individual needs and make sure the Pregnancy Club supports you every step of the way.

Jo has been working with thousands of pregnant women and their families for over 25 years and is privileged to have been part of the most transformational time of their lives – when they become parents.  Caring for women through their pregnancy and birth has given Jo the opportunity to witness first hand how confident and empowered women can literally transform their lives!

In 2008 Jo founded ‘One to One Midwives’ and over an 11 year period, employed over 100 midwives and cared for over 20,000 families.  Jo’s approach and philosophy to birth supported midwives to provide care that transformed maternity services in the UK, achieving normal birth rates of over 80%, reducing premature births and still births and more importantly women absolutely loved it!

Jo has extensive experience as a midwife, and has weaved this breadth of experience into Birth Like a Boss, guided by the belief that ALL women, across the globe should have access to the knowledge and information that they need to achieve a positive transformational birth.  “It is only through educating and empowering women that we will then see the transformation in their families and in their communities – in turn creating a world that we want our children to grow up in”

Why is the Birth Like a Boss Pregnancy Club so Special?

The Pregnancy Club has been designed to give you  information you can trust on all things Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting! Birth Like a Boss give you peace of mind, confidence and the ultimate learning tools to support you week by week or even day by day.

With Expert Midwives on hand, we can answer questions on Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting and all the bits in between you want to know.

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