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Are you looking for the answers to all your pregnancy questions? Do you want to learn more about birth and how to prepare? Are you worried about what to do when your baby arrives?

Search no more, here at Birth Like a Boss we have your covered. Why not access one of our experienced Midwives on our virtual care service or take a look at one of our amazing courses.

Birth Like a Boss is your one stop shop for all you need in Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting.

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Virtual Care with a Midwife

Are you concerned about your pregnancy? Anxious about a health question and don’t have an appointment with your midwife or doctor for ages?

Our virtual care service keeps you in the driving seat, and our expert midwives will tailor the sessions to answer your questions and support you on your own personal journey. Whether you need reassurance, in depth information on health concerns or just want to know how the birth will go – our expert midwives have you covered.